Thursday, May 31, 2012

You either Laugh or Cry

Recently our home caught on fire and burned down. We are all safe and no one got hurt. However this even has proven to be a greater lesson in faith than I could have ever imagined. After leaving my home and crossing the street to watch the flames chew at the interior of our home, I had the sinking realization that I was not in control of the situation. Me not being in control has always been my point of conversion. You know how for some it was living a hard fast life, or abuse of the mind and body that caused them to see the light. For me it was recognizing that I can not control people places or things. While it may not compare to thoughts of suicide, drug abuse, or prostitution, my need to be in control was eating away at the very core of who God designed me to be. So for me to walk out of the burning house and sense that I was not in control, was the beginning of the reminder of the focus of my faith journey. So there I was safely accross the street, realizing my lack of control, and while holding the hands of my children, I began to pray out loud. My praying out loud is not a new thing or an indication of an end time. It is just what I was led to do - so I did it. While I prayed, I kept feeling a need to let go of the worry and celebrate the now. Celebrate the lives that were not harmed. Celebrate our safety. Celebrate the rapid response of the fire and police departments.
The police and fire department were fantastic and very helpful at such a stressful time. We kept a very positive attitude during the entire time. One of the fire fighters commented that despite the tragedy our family had such a positive attitude that it actually made their work more fun. That was when I was reminded of the saying you either laugh or cry and I really believe it is true. Since the fire, I have done plenty of both. However I choose my dispostion each day and that is different than being the victim of everything that comes my way. I cried because my family was displaced. I cried at the inconvience of the fire. I cried at not having all the answers for my children. I cried at their frustrations. Yet I laughed when my children shared their joys during the days following the fire. I laughed at the enemy that thought we had been defeated. I laughed because in the midst of it all, I still have joy. No matter what our circumstances we can choose our disposition. Perhaps laughter does not always seem appropriate however our response to all that is around us does not have to be defeatest. My laughter in the midst of it all is my indication to the world I am more than a conqueror!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Naked Amoeba - Deep Soul Mix

Naked Amoeba - Deep Soul Mix
There is so much great music online.  I love checking out the wide variety on and soundcloud (just ot name a few).

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dream a World

Like most parents I (secretly) believe our children to be the most wonderful and fascinating creatures on earth. Of course I am not crazy to let them know this beliefe all the time. Yet there are times that even I have to step back and consider the gift of our children. The other day I had one of these moments. I had picked up our four year old and while riding in the car she openly shared with me a dream she had. She said she dreamed that if we don't forgive others that means we don't love each other. She paused long enough to hear my brief response. Then she went on to say God wants us to forgive everybody because that means we love everyone. Now you can argue how could a 4 year old have such insight or say that I made this story up because no child thinks this way. That's up to you. For me there is a lesson and as far as I'm concern she can drop the mic and walk off the stage. Let the church (mosque, shrine, temple) say AMEN!