Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dream a World

Like most parents I (secretly) believe our children to be the most wonderful and fascinating creatures on earth. Of course I am not crazy to let them know this beliefe all the time. Yet there are times that even I have to step back and consider the gift of our children. The other day I had one of these moments. I had picked up our four year old and while riding in the car she openly shared with me a dream she had. She said she dreamed that if we don't forgive others that means we don't love each other. She paused long enough to hear my brief response. Then she went on to say God wants us to forgive everybody because that means we love everyone. Now you can argue how could a 4 year old have such insight or say that I made this story up because no child thinks this way. That's up to you. For me there is a lesson and as far as I'm concern she can drop the mic and walk off the stage. Let the church (mosque, shrine, temple) say AMEN!

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