Monday, January 31, 2011

Spa Friday

My darling daughter has managed to skirt the issue of having her fabulously full head of hair thoroughly combed through.  As her mother I am slightly embarrassed (only slightly) that she has out negotiated me and has rocked several versions of her last hair-do for a lengthy period of time.

Put your hands together for .... Spa Friday !!!  That's right, it is all in how you present the truth!  Now when I say let's comb your hair - the response is usually something similar to "tomorrow mommy".  However, who would say no to spa treatment?  Not my daughter!!

She parked her tricycle by the door and the spa experience began!  We still had some moments that were not spa-like, but in the end I think she will return for future service...

Mani and Herbal Pedi
Purse and Lunch Bag - must haves!
Let's hit the road!

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