Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Beautiful You

As I was entering the public library I ran into one of the parents from my son's school.  Before saying hello her response was "what are you all dressed up for?".  Mind you I had just freshly showered and changed into clean clothes (a regular practice for me) so I probably had that shinny new penny look about me.

I started to think what an odd question to ask.  Although I really think the parent had another thing in mind when asking but that is another posting.  While I did not answer her question, I know that for most there has to be a reason to "dress up". I was not in anything fancy (although my blouse did have ruffles) yet the comment was made.  For many mothers with young children, brushing your hair or putting on lip gloss before going out is a big step.

I am hear to tell you the frumpy mom look is soooo last centry.  For real.  No seriously.

Think of how you feel when you walk pass a mirror and see a vibrant reflection of you.  If you could high five yourself  you would.  So why the stained t-shirt and run down shoes?  There is no valor in going without a shower and not combing your hair.  This is not for anyone but you.  If your mate or someone on the street likes what you have done that is just extra.  Stop whinning that you don't have time or it takes to much effort and start reminding yourself that you are worth the time and the effort.

Beyond the fact that you are worth the effort is the message we send to the world and to our children.  This is not a shallow posting about what everyone else says is the "in thing".  Self care is one of the healthiest things we can pass on to our children.  Especially now as there are more and more messages that are not necessarily healthy in their approach to how we care for ourselves in the midst of daily living.  We are our children's first teacher in all facets of life...including how we care for our selves.

Today is a very good day to begin to honor yourself and the beautiful packaging God gave you!

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