Friday, July 29, 2011


Think back to your days as a child... despite all the happy memories, didn't there seem to be too many rules and regulations?  Even if your parents were pretty easy going, there were still a ton of do's and don'ts outside out the home.  This is were the BRILLIANT concept of YES Day enters the picture.

As a parent of two wonderful beings, I find myself needing to change the routine from time to time just to keep things fresh.  YES Day allows for that change to take place quiet naturally.  Simply put, YES Day is a designated day (or time period) to say YES to everything your children ask for.  That's all.   Then let the day unfold before your very eyes.

Already I am hearing the rumbling in the room and the reasons why this would never work in your situation.  Okay, here are some parameters to help ease your fears that your children will take over and leave you barricaded in a small room with nothing but a day old newspaper and half a sandwich...

  • Pick a day and time that is easy for you - now if doing the entire day scares you choose a portion of the day and build up from there.
  • Do not announce to the child that you are going to say yes to everything.
  • Lift the Yes to everything rule if they ask for something that will harm them the planet or set you on a path to financial ruin
  • Relax
Let me let you in on a little secret.  Most of the things your child(ren) ask for aren't really that big of a deal and YES Day allows you to enjoy the simplicities of life a little bit more!

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